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Originally from Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia; In 2003 Danny left St. Francis Xavier University, moved to Vancouver to begin acting and has never looked back.

He has since appeared on numerous stages around the country, in the feature film Behind the Wall (2008), and can be seen in the upcoming Netflix series Frontier (2016). Danny also has roughly 2 dozen credits as an assistant director on various feature films and television series.

Original works include the web series 305 Boys (2008), and the short films The Deep Wooded Witch (2000), The Game (2009), Words Never Said (2013), and Knockers (2016), and the upcoming documentary Canada’s Forgotten Game.

IMDB: Danny McLeod


Latest Press:

KNOCKERS (2016) WINS BEST PROP & LINE AT 48HR FEST! (Dir:Jana Gillis / Prod:Danny McLeod)

Nickle Film Festival



Sea And Be Scene – Danny McLeod – At Home In Newfoundland and Labrador



Digi60 Film Festival Announcements:

WINNER – BEST OVERALL SCREENPLAY – Words Never Said (Dir:Danny McLeod / Wri:Tommy Gushue)

Digi60 Film Festival




Reviews of All My Sons:

Production Ottawa:

“….The only words I had when this play ended were: Wow. ”

“Danny McLeod’s George Deever (Annie’s brother) initially put me off – I just wasn’t buying him – but he quickly won me over and joins the other main characters in deserving high praise in bringing this show to life.”
– Allan Mackey

The Charlebois Post:

“…..The most perpetually angry character is Anne’s brother George played by Danny McLeod with ferocious indignation…..”
-Jim Murchison

The Visitorium:

“…the best full cast performance at the OLT I’ve seen since LOST IN YONKERS last year, and that’s saying something….”

“…Love may be the offering, but some people are having trouble letting go of the past (including Ann’s brother George, played by Danny McLeod in an explosive second act appearance)….”
-Kevin Reid

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