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Animation – Inching sock camera test in stop motion.

A camera test I did for a stop motion film I’ve yet to produce called tentatively “Miss-Matched”.

305 Boys, Day 1, 9:05am

Pilot Episode of 305 Boys.

Diploma Program News Item

A news item I put together for the Marketing and Communications department of Memorial University while I was working for them as a New Media Producer.


Danny has been working in the Canadian entertainment industry for nearly a decade; having ran the gauntlet of job titles, Danny prides himself on his versatility and ability to fit the needs of any production.

Originally from Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia;  In 2003 Danny moved to Vancouver and began acting.  Returning to school in 2006 to study political science, performance and communications and english-drama, Danny has gone on to work in film and television production, animation and video game production and on stage.

Please feel free to browse the content of this webstie and gain a better understanding of the types of projects Danny has worked on and the type of professional Danny he is.

Danny is very fond of his time in Newfoundland, and is proud to be from the East Coast.